transforms conventional “offline” HPLC analysis into a powerful new “online” tool




DIRECTINJECT-LCTM (Liquid Chromatography) is a hardware and software ecosystem that enables direct sampling and analysis of chemical reactions. The system consistently samples your reaction vessel and delivers aliquots to an external liquid chromatography instrument for real-time analysis.

DIRECTINJECT-LCTM enables unattended sample capture, quenching, dilution, and analysis using a variety of industry standard CDS platforms including Agilent OpenLab, Agilent ChemStation, Waters Empower 3, and Shimadzu LabSolutions.

DIRECTINJECT-LCTM is the only tool that works together with Mettler Toledo iC LC software for sample scheduling and data acquisition.

Real-time data

direct decision-making

reaction optimization

Reaction profiling

Beyond end-point analysis

DIRECTINJECT-LCTM brings the ability to monitor the full reaction progress in real time, providing the complete concentration and composition profile for nearly any chemical process.

Explore mechanistic pathways, the impacts of side-products and intermediates, catalytic activity, reaction kinetics, and reaction optimization.

Academic publications

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Complex chemical systems

Previously intractable conditions

This innovative system was designed to meet the demands of the most challenging chemical processes, including solid-liquid slurries, biphasic systems, air/water sensitive reactions, cryogenic transformations, and gas/liquid processes under high pressure.

Academic publications


Track and optimize crucial process chemistry

DIRECTINJECT-LCTM is compatible with selective solution phase sampling from dynamically crystallizing reactions in real time. Rapidly design and qualify chiral resolutions, selective crystallizations, and crystallization induced asymmetric transformations.

Academic publications