Contextualizing our completed research project funded by Pfizer

August 13, 2022

Last week, Telescope announced the completion of a 4-month feasibility research project funded by Pfizer. (The news release is available here.) To follow up on this news, we have prepared a brief (90-second) video to contextualise how this project fits into Telescope’s strategic plan. We are excited to share this update with you, and to continue executing our plans with strategic partnerships in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Video transcript

Recently, Telescope Innovations announced the completion of a 4-month research project funded by Pfizer. This project, along with other ongoing partnerships, bolsters Telescope’s strategic mission: We are deploying our unique technology platforms to resolve critical bottlenecks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, this project with Pfizer reflects Telescope’s position as a trusted research and development partner in the pharmaceutical space. 

We addressed one of the most challenging aspects of pharmaceutical development: how do we scale up and manufacture a new compound, material, or process once it’s been discovered? How do we shorten the timelines and reduce cost barriers between discovery and commercialization? Over four months, we integrated an advanced suite of automation and chemical analysis tools into a proof-of-concept robotic platform to answer these questions.

Moving forward, we will continue engaging closely with market-leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Our portfolio of proprietary tools and methods will continue to grow, providing increasing value to the market, and enabling Telescope to dramatically accelerate research and development efforts across the industry.

About Telescope

Telescope is a chemical technology company developing scalable manufacturing processes and tools for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The Company builds and deploys new enabling technologies including flexible robotic platforms and artificial intelligence software that improves experimental throughput, efficiency, and data quality. A key area of application for these tools is the development of scalable manufacturing processes for mental health medicines in the under-utilized tryptamine class of compounds, including psychedelic therapeutics. Telescope also applies these toolsets to resolve inefficiencies in industrial process chemistry and manufacturing. Our aim is to bring modern chemical solutions to meet the most serious challenges in health and sustainability. 

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