Telescope launches first automation product

June 27, 2022

Vancouver, BC — June 27, 2022 — Telescope Innovations Corp. (“Telescope” or the “Company”) (CSE: TELI), a chemical technology company, announces the creation of “Telescope Automation”, a division of the Company that develops automated systems to accelerate chemical and biopharmaceutical research and development. Telescope Automation is pleased to launch its first product, the Direct Inject Liquid Chromatography (“DILC”) platform, an innovative instrument for real-time, immediate analysis of chemical reactions. The DILC platform fuses Telescope’s proprietary hardware, software, and unique integration know-how with proven sampling technology supplied by an internationally renowned manufacturer of lab instrumentation (the “Sampler Manufacturer”). The Sampler Manufacturer is the global leader in enabling hardware and software technology that accelerates the development of chemical and biological processes.

“We have been engaged by several major global pharmaceutical companies to onboard our DILC platform,” said Jason Hein, Telescope CEO. “Telescope has already leveraged this enabling tool across all our operations, and we are now bringing this to market as an unrivaled capability to address an unmet need in process analytics. The versatility and robustness of our platform surpasses other existing solutions for online chemistry analysis.”

This product launch enables Telescope to capture the fast-developing market opportunity for the DILC system, generate revenue, and establish the Company as a partner of choice for process laboratory tool integration. The commercial deployment and insight provided by DILC technology will highlight, at an industrial scale, the unique combination of skills Telescope provides to support chemical, biopharmaceutical, and manufacturing process development.

About Telescope’s Direct Inject (DILC) Platform

The DILC platform enables rapid, robust online analysis of chemical reactions. Specifically, the system samples batch or continuous processes and automatically quenches, dilutes, and injects the samples into a high- or ultra-performance liquid chromatography (“HPLC” or “UPLC”) instrument. When combined with orthogonal techniques such as spectroscopic analysis, this system provides full, comprehensive profiles of chemical reactions in real time (Figure 1).

The DILC system is fully automated and uses the market leading in-situ sampling probe (sold by the Sampler Manufacturer) to deliver reaction samples to HPLC/UPLC instruments in pseudo-real time. The entire process is controlled through Telescope’s intuitive software for workflow management. The DILC system ensures precise and reproducible samples, especially in heterogeneous and multiphase reactions or reactions at sub-ambient or elevated temperatures and pressures. Furthermore the DILC system eliminates delays in quenching that typically lead to variable results and inaccurate analytical information.

Figure 1. Simplified schematic of Telescope’s DILC system in an online chemical analysis setup.

Telescope’s DILC system provides many advantages in chemical process analysis:

About Telescope

Telescope is a chemical technology company developing scalable manufacturing processes and tools for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The Company builds and deploys new enabling technologies including flexible robotic platforms and artificial intelligence software that improves experimental throughput, efficiency, and data quality. A key area of application for these tools is the development of scalable manufacturing processes for mental health medicines in the under-utilized tryptamine class of compounds, including psychedelic therapeutics. Telescope also applies these toolsets to resolve inefficiencies in industrial process chemistry and manufacturing. Our aim is to bring modern chemical solutions to meet the most serious challenges in health and sustainability. 

On behalf of the Board,

Telescope Innovations Corp.

Jason Hein, Chief Executive Officer

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